A22 Motorway Toll Road Information

By order of the government since the 8th December 2011 the use of certain areas of the A.22 has a TOLL, attracting a cost electronically monitored per kilometre travelled.
For the latest toll road information see >> CTT Tolls
Check out the cost of road toll used by your vehicle here (registration number of the vehicle required)
The Motorway Toll routes where the billing scheme is exclusively electronic are properly marked with a sign with the words "electronic toll only".
Check the tolls map - the green zones are free of tolls- the orange zones are paid.
There is no TAG device in the rental car but the procedure is as follows:

  • When using the A.22, the rental vehicles registration number will be picked up automatically when passing the overhead scanners at the various locations. This will determine how many zones you pass through on your journey.
  • Each zone has different prices, but the price per kilometer is approximately 9 cents (e.g. From Vila Real de Santo António to Lagos - € 11.60).
  • If the payment for the use of the A.22 has not been made, the rental car company is obliged by law to provide details of the renter/driver of the hire vehicle to the TOLL collection agency.
  • The customer will then be billed to his/her home address for payment of TOLLS on the A.22
Zitauto A22 Toll Road Information


  • The customer can go to any post office to pay for the TOLLS.
  • You must wait 48hrs before you can pay the toll and there is a limit of 5 working days for the payment to be made at any post office.
  • If you do not pay with in this time frame, you will then receive the bill to be paid at home, this bill will have an added administrative tax for each time you have passed under a portal on A22 toll road. When you go to pay your toll fees, please take your contract with you, so that the days the car has been in your possession may be presented , this will avoid payment of tolls that were not made by you, but by previous clients who have not yet made their payment.
  • Avoid using payshops to pay the tolls because they cannot distinguish between the dates of usage.
  • For additional information, please consult post office's web page: www.ctt.pt and www.vialivre.pt
  • We do not take money from clients to pay for their tolls.
  • The option of A22 is EN 125 which is free of charge.
  • It's better not use the A22 on last day of holiday because you have no way of paying.

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